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Welcome to NADL, where knowledge meets convenience! Join us for our quarterly webinars covering a diverse range of topics relevant to the dental laboratory profession. Whether you're a member or not, these engaging sessions are open to all. For our valued members, these webinars are complimentary, while non-members can access them for a nominal fee of $35. Plus, participants have the opportunity to earn valuable continuing education credits, making it a win-win for professional development. Stay ahead in the field with NADL's informative and accessible webinars! For questions, please contact [email protected]

Upcoming Webinars

Being Ignored Sucks. Use a Message That Captures Your Doctors Attention!

  • September 11, 2024 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST
  • Speaker: Rob Laizure Jr
  • 1 hour of Professional Development Credit through the NBC

When you put effort into communication, are your doctors paying attention?  Sometimes you spend a lot of resources on a brochure, website, email, or social media message and it results in little engagement.  You get ignored… and it is frustrating.

The answer is hidden inside a simple strategy embedded in human psychology.

Invite the doctor into a story they cannot ignore. Every doctor faces the fundamental human problem that we all do… overcoming our fears and failures to find success in the work that we do. 

 In this webinar we will discuss: 

  • Why people are attracted to a problem
  • Why people listen
  • Why people are turned off by product centric marketing
  • Why people will ignore you
  • Why people make a buying decision

 We will go hands on looking at some best-in-class marketing messages and then discuss some examples of how you can take what you have learned into your own dental lab communication.

You will leave the webinar with a better understanding of how to communicate in a way your doctors will WANT to listen.

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 Past Webinars

The Road to Certification 

Many dental technicians are noticing the desire for certification in dental technology has never been so coveted as it is today. They want validation for their knowledge and expertise. Learn more about certification and how to prepare for the series of exams. Take advantage of scholarships, study plans, and resources to help CDT candidates succeed

Leaders vs Managers

Dental laboratories have always faced challenges in developing individuals to lead or manage people as opposed to performing technical functions. Hard and soft skills are necessary to be effective as a leader or manager in any organization. This webinar will discuss assessment tools; training programs and resources; and action plans to help develop your next team of leaders and managers, from within or external hires.

Developing the One Page Business Plan

Take a deep dive into your business practices to assess the three key areas of your business; revenue, profit, and risk, and find out how to better focus on those areas of your business. 

Lag vs Lead Metrics: How to Use Lead Metrics to Meet Your Targets

Every dental laboratory can improve its performance (profitability, efficiency, and quality outcomes) by measuring data. This webinar will highlight common metrics used in a dental laboratory and provide insights into leveraging lead activities and metrics to effectively achieve your objectives.

Social Media Marketing for Dental Laboratories

Discover the importance of having a thoroughly cultivated online presence, as well as how to pinpoint the key online areas you should focus on when marketing your laboratory. Learn how to maximize your ROI by combining traditional print advertising with the latest online strategies and tools.

FDA Product Classification

This presentation will focus on the U.S. FDA process for classifying devices which may require registration and listing. Many domestic-made products by commercial dental laboratories are unclassified (no product code) and some may be Class I or II. Learn the common codes and their respective compliance requirements.

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